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Hydromino Powder A : Basic Nutrient : Grow and Bloom

Hydromino Powder A is specifically formulated NPK based powder with essential trace elements suitable for fertigation, drip irrigation a..
  • Manusol 36
  • N-P-K-7:4:24.5 plus trace elements
  • Commercial general use soluble fertiliser
  • Fertigation, foliar spray, fruits/flower

Hydromino Powder B : Basic Nutrient : Grow and Bloom

Hydromino Powder B is Calcium Nitrate and contains 2 of the basic nourishment elements that plants require, one of which is Nitrate and ..
  • Calcium encourages root growth and helps plants absorb potassium
  • As well as cell wall and general structure & cell membrane function
  • Protection from aluminium toxicity
  • Plant defence & improved photosynthesis

Hydromino Powder C : Grow

Hydromino Powder C Grow is a potassium nitrate in granular form. Potassium nitrate is a soluble source of two major essential plant nutr..
  • Both N & K are required by plants to support harvest quality & protein formation
  • Disease resistance
  • Water use efficiency which is applied to soil or through the irrigation system during the growing season to support healthy growth

Hydromino Powder D : Bloom

Hydromino Powder D is monopotassium phosphate in a powder form. As a nitrogen free fertiliser, it is a source of phosphorous and ..
  • Free of chloride, sodium & other detrimental elements that can effect plant growth
  • Low pH and salt index
  • Fully water soluble
  • Consists of 100% plant nutients